Why You Can Trust Us

Clinical Experience

Unlike most companies currently marketing derma rollers White Lotus began as a specialist skin needling
company. All the products have been extensively tested and improved over years of intensive use in a busy clinic environment. This means that both our home use and our in clinic products have been constantly improved over this time. It is for this reason that we can confidently say our home use rollers last 1 year unlike our competitors. To learn more about the White Lotus clinic please follow the link.

Product Certification

White Lotus is aware that it is often difficult to make a decision about who to trust when purchasing off the internet. For this reason we have invested the money in all possible certification with large recognised body’s to assure all customers of the quality of our products.

In many cases this certification is something we would work towards anyway as part of the White Lotus philosophy. White Lotus has long campaigned for more awareness of which products are used with skin needling. The dramatic increase in absorption through the skin when using a derma roller has the potential to render some of the beauty products applied with the derma rollers toxic. White Lotus is a natural beauty company and therefore wanted to provide a safe but effective alternative to many of these synthetic products being produced.

All White Lotus products are therefore produced from completely natural substances. They use no preservatives, additives, fillers, colours, flavours, animal products, sulphates or parabens. To demonstrate this commitment White Lotus is fully certified by the Vegan society and many of its products have now undergone the extensive scrutiny of the Soil Association organic certification.

Vegan Society Approvalvegan

This society is based in the UK and certifies that the products recognised contain no animal products and that no animal testing was carried out at any stage of the development process.

Soil Association Organicsaorganiclogo

This is the peak body recognising organic products in Europe. All White Lotus serums hare now 100% organic and many have already been put through the rigorous testing to carry the Soil Association logo.